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We love to jump!

Young kids LOVE to jump and is a favourite part of dance classes for all. They seem to have a natural fascination with jumping as H-I-G-H as they can in the air.

Jumping and landing SAFELY is a important skill.

Helping kids to jump with equipment is a huge favourite in my classes…. in all styles of dance .I love to use hoops, bean bags, cones and even cuddly toys but wanted to use something which really challenged them without verbal ques from me ‘Miss Tilly’

To make a jumping mat you will need: a yoga mat!


acrylic paint

and a good pair of feet!!

1) I cut the yoga mat in 1/2

2) Simply dipped my feet into the red paint and bum shuffled my away around my parents garage trying not to cover my entire garage floor in my big footprints (Size 7!!)

Experiment with footprints in different directions, ballet positions, and also tip toes!

I used the jumping mat in class today and WOW the kids loved it, I suggested we moved on from the activity and they told me very clearly NO!

The concentration on their little faces was super cute and sure to be a new favourite in my upcoming dance classes.

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