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What has the Dance & Yoga Factory been up to....

Thursday 15th March

Tilly’s Yoga is expanding to West Hertfordshire. Tilly went to Holywell Primary School to deliver a fun interactive assembly to the students to inform them of the new yoga club starting after easter!


Final Rehearsals for Tilly’s Musical Theatre super-stars to practise their singing, dancing and acting in time for their visit to 2 care homes on Saturday.

Friday 16th March The Factory is bringing gymnastics onto the timetable - starting after Easter in Redbourn Junior School with the fantastic Miss Ellie!

Saturday 17th March

Tilly and her musical theatre class visited 2 care homes Clare Lodge and St Matthews in Redbourn.

The residents enjoyed every minute of it as did all of the students.

Sunday 18th March

Ashleigh went to Cholesbury for a 10 year olds birthday girls birthday party!

Monday 19th March

Tilly was invited to Windermere Primary School in St Albans to share yoga and mindfulness with years 1-6 for comic relief week! She was very impressed and had a great time.

Tuesday 20th March

Tilly and Avni visited another school in West Hertfordshire - Cherry Tree Primary school where yet another yoga class is starting after easter. They were introduced to the very hungry caterpillar and told the story using their bodies, learn about the meaning behind chin mudras and also experienced their first guided relaxation.

Tilly and Redbourn Youth Club went to gravity force in St Albans for their end of term trip!

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