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Summer Update


Tilly furthered her yoga training in London and completed her 95 hour children's yoga training. She went to LONDON pride and encouraged as many members of the public to join in some yoga!

Tilly, Bethany and Frankie put on a fantastic show for 60 students at the Redbourn village hall, there wasn’t a spare seat in the audience!

Tilly, Beth, Ashleigh and Aprill attended standon calling festival with high spirits as they took cover from the rain in the kids area offering high energy dance classes!

Tilly begun a home renovation project ...... so this explains a few slow responses during the summer!

The Dance & Yoga Factory visited Fizz Bug based in Harpenden at the Grove school for 4 out of the 6 weeks of the summer holidays - we are back in OCTOBER 1/2 TERM TOO!

Tilly visited Crabtree School Out summer club run by the incredibly motivated Lisa offering yoga classes.

We have 2 new teachers!

Jacqui - Jacqui has been working at Crabtree Schools out and is joining us for a weekly class in January 2019!

Maggie New Teacher!

Teaching our Malvern Way school class starting in September


Meraki Festival was incredible and right on Tilly's doorstep!

The Dance Factory's Greatest Show August!

August Greatest Show camp with a whopping 68 children attended! We even had the glitter box get us super ready for the show on the Friday. They are not facepainters they are artists!


Start of September craziness - We are thrilled to see so many NEW Dance & Yoga Factoriessss joining our school and we can’t wait to start AUTUMN TERM WITH A NAMASTE, SOME SPARKE, JAZZ HANDS AND ROLY POLYS!

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