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Yoga Activity's to try at home!

I wanted to share 2 really lovely activity’s you can do during October Half Term.

You will need :

Pom poms (easily found in all Pound shops!)

Leaves, sticks, pebbles conkers any nature goodness you find in the garden or on a adventure walk!


With your socks off - turns your toes into a rainbow using poms poms. You will have the coolest toes in town!

Benefits: sensory, visual, cognitive practise, body awareness stretching our toes and putting Pom poms in between them!

Challenge: try fun easy yoga poses trying to keep the poms poms from falling out!

Tree pose



Downward dog

Mandala Making

using bits and pieces you have found from the garden create a beautiful yoga mandala master piece inside or outside! ( I suggest a playmat or newspaper if your doing it inside as can get a bit messy!)

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