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Blok London Yoga studio, Shoreditch

Nearest tube station: Livepool Street

Class Attended: Dynamic Vinyassa

Price: FREE! (First class free)

Teacher: Jodie

Class length: 1 hour

Day/Time: Sunday 11.20am

First time at Blok London, a incredible space to practise Yoga and fitness. Blok had a industrial, arty vibe with long low lit corridors and beautiful wooden floor, polished concrete walls. Huge smoothie menu in cafe in reception - I had smoothie envy as the menu looks incredible but we were rushing so Americano it was.

Changing rooms were fully equipped with deodorant, dry hair shampoo, natural sanitary products, cotton pads cleanser and shower products.

Lockers were free - we had no idea how to use as no instructions but everyone was friendly and helped us!

Considering it was our first class at the studio we expected a slightly friendlier welcome on reception but we found studio and teacher was brilliant.

We went for the dynamic vinyasa class with Jodie. Lots of downward dogs and warrior 3’s! Mats and blocks were provided. Beautiful music playing throughout.

Spray with strong aromatherapy smells were supplied to clean down mats after class with flannels. I loved it, was a great challenge and highly recommend.

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